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Fiery Living Room



Bedrooms by principle should be made with calming and cooling colors that produce a pleasant effect on a viewer, but this rule does not apply to living rooms. Living rooms, or sitting rooms, are meant to have arousing shades, and quirky hues.

The sitting room we see in the picture above is easily the most eye catching I’ve seen. The floor is a patterned yellow and orange, and there are two stool-like tables in the center of the floor.

The sofa set that is divided into two attached parts that are perpendicular to each other is a fiery orange. The cushions resting on it are the same shade with a dull yellow border. Behind the sofa on one side is a steel colored lampshade stuck to the wall, throwing light on the sofa. There is a table behind the sofa that has enough space for things like flower vases, or bowls, or ornaments.

The walls are the exact same color as the sofa set- a flame-like orange. The orange seems to glow in particular areas where light is shone on them. There is a beautiful and sleek circular mirror on one side, reflecting the orange room design. The other side of the wall is occupied by a gorgeous abstract painting, filled with a large assortment of colors, one of which is of course, orange.

The ceiling is pretty much the same story. Except for an off white area where the unique lamp hangs down, it is also orange. This lamp fills the entire room with light. It is shaped like a narrow box, hanging by four threads.

Overall, I would say this living room is clearly up there with the best. It is bright, as it is themed with fiery colors, and it is far from empty. The sofas look comfortable, and the walls are filled brilliantly. One bad thing to say would be that the sofa takes up too much space, leaving barely any space at the back to walk.

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