Flowers decor will add life to your home



We all love flowers in interior decor. For me it’s something any interior must have. Contrast, fresh breath, life and ability to fit any color theme, and pretty much any decor. Flora can be so different, for me it is an inspiration source. You can borrow a lot from nature to create your perfect interior!



Try to remove this juice gladiolus and gracefulness will leave this kitchen interior. Pretty much any orange flowers will be a good combination to go with this white gloss and marble. I like how flowers emphasize features of this interior and inspire you to add more bright colors.



Dusk orange, bright red, olive green and yellow are creating beneficial harmony with your whimsical design sofa. Flowers will not be lonely in this interior.



Now if the first words when you enter your living room to be: chic, luxury, expensive. Perhaps you need to think about buying some orchids. These exotic flowers usually picked by people with a good taste. Good way to stress the refinement of this interior.



You can clearly see the owner of this living room is a big Feng Shui admirer. Take a look at this nice ekibana created from flowering branches and huge leaves of the plant add to pacification of this room. Bright multicolored padded stool in the middle of the room matches the flowers color.



Fresh and upright hydrangeas. The color of youth. Bouquet finely picked and crafted to match the tone of this kitchen. Clearly gives me thoughts about ethereal.



Undeniable beauty of lilies will decorate any room and will succumb all the attention. Easy way to create a holiday in your house. Don’t forget about the very special unforgettable odor that will fill all the area.

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