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For a Functional Kitchen and Dining Room

Kitchen and Dining Space

Kitchen and Dining Space

This modern, sleek kitchenette is a combined with the dining area to create a wonderful space that is perfect for eating and cooking. It is simple, functional and efficient. The room has used one long room to create a well designed space that holds both a table and a counter that functions as a kitchen.

The kitchen is light and airy, as kitchens should be. The room opens into a balcony, thus ensuring lots of light entering the room. The roof is slanting, and this adds a quality of interest that is very pretty but not in the least bit overbearing. It is interesting to note that there are windows on the slanting ceiling, providing even more light to the room.

The room is all-white. The kitchen therefore looks spacious and clean, with sleek finishes and modern touches. As white is the main color, all the other colors are subtle and elegant. There are touches of black everywhere, in places such as the electric chimney and the cushion covers of the dining chairs. These black accents give the room a sort of defined boundary and an edge.

The actual area for cooking is very small, but it is a modular kitchen that is efficient. There is space for a chimney and a stove, and that is all that is really needed, especially for a single person or couple living in a loft space.

The dining table in the center is long and simple. It is a modern piece of furniture that is nothing but simple wood. The legs of the table are white. The dining chairs are rounded with black cushions. They are comfortable yet simple.

For a person who is comfortable in a small kitchen area, this is the perfect type of kitchen. It combines everything that is trendy in interior design today- minimalism, whites, and sophisticated elements that create a classy and elegant finish.

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