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For the daring – A White Bedroom


White bedroom

White bedroom

For the daring – A white bedroom

Experimenting with colors and themes has become a trend as far as interior decorating is concerned. It can be done with the help of a professional designer or completely on your own. It largely depends on what you can live with and of course, your budget. There are enough outlets from Home Makers to flea markets if you know what you want.

The white bedroom is a case in point. On the face of it, it looks simple enough. White walls, white bed sheets, white dresser and a white side table and there is even a white vase on the dresser. The mirror has a white frame. The entire room may seem stark and simple to many people. But, there is a huge advantage to going with this white landscape. You can add a few touches of just about any color to bring life to the room. This need not necessarily look sterile.  While the white décor may seem a trifle cold, warmer touches can be added by way of flowers in a vase and golden yellow flowers on the side table. The wooden floor in pine with its muted shades of brown brings a touch of earth tones to the room and adds warmth.

Do not be daunted by the prospect of high maintenance as keeping the white clean and unstained may require some effort. Ensure that you have stain removers and damage proof cleaning supplies for that quick mop up. Using easy to wash and dry linen on the bed will be of great help.  With a big and uncluttered background such as white, the entire room can be played with according to individual whims.  This and plants or flowers will throw some relief into the unremitting whiteness of the room and make it a haven of soothing comfort.

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