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Futuristic Living Room

Futuristic Living Room

Futuristic Living Room

The room displayed in the picture is definitely one of the strangest I’ve seen. The floor is a smooth and deep brown, made of wood. The carpet on top of it, covering most of it, is of many colors. The carpet looks like the rings of a cut tree trunk, but of different colors. The colors on the carpet include browns, creamy beiges, and a light green, halfway between pistachio and lime.

The table on the carpet is topped with glass, and is shaped oddly, with one side tapering. The base of the table consists of three legs, looking like tentacles of an octopus spreading outward. The table top has so much space, and that space is unused in the picture. The perfect ornament to put here would be a vase of flowers; fake or real, it doesn’t matter.

The sofa parallel to the table is green and comfortable looking. This color has a calming effect on a person. The cushions on the sofa match the carpet in a way, as they are multicolored as well, and seem to share most of its colors. Beside the sofa is a chair, with beige cushioning and a brown wooden frame.

The entire room is filled with space, but it still seems slightly empty. This is not such a bad thing, as emptiness can always be filled.

The most unique part of this room’s design is its lighting system. The wall, painted a serene white, has lights attached to it. The lights look like flashlights, spreading light all over the room, in no defined area.

To finish, this room is not too hard to emulate. It survives because of its uniqueness that comes with its lighting system, and its color usage. But it is too small, and yet is too empty. It seems easy to maintain; but carpets always require work, especially when food is dropped on them. The furniture is well located, and the room isn’t too cluttered.

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