Living Room Interior Designs — June 16, 2011 at 1:23 pm

Getting Your Interiors Ready for Winter


Cold winters have their own attraction and it is a very attractive prospect to rearrange your furniture to cater to the demands of winter.

Some have a complete make over and some just re-accesorize or re adjust the furniture and the decor and design of the rooms in their homes to suit the needs of changing seasons. If you have a fireplace, then you can spruce it up. You can now change the light summer curtains to dark heavy ones. You can change the rug to a thicker and a more winter friendly material and brighten up the lighting of the rooms.

Let’s focus on what you should be doing to your fireplace and the furniture around it to make you sail through winter months pleasantly. When it comes to decor aspects, you must now change the floor plans of your living room to highlight the fireplace. You can now make the focal point of your living room to be the fireplace. This means you have to create some elegant looking decoration around it. You would definitely want a seating arrangement that is not only cozy but also intimate, warm and comforting.

Now is also the time to re-accessorize your mantles because this is going to be your focal point. A canvas art painting placed just above the mantel piece would be an excellent addition. Choose a painting that can bring forth comfort – perhaps a painting of natural scenery of a bright summer day or a seaside landscape. Don’t clutter your mantel with too many things and create disharmony. While everything need not be symmetrical let there be a beauty and a touch of your personality in your arrangement. It is easy to get ready for the winter and fun to dress up your home for it too! Give it the warmth it deserves!

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