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Give your interior design a beach house look and feel

Unique living room

Unique living room

Living rooms are the most important parts of a house. All houses have living rooms because of the multiples purposes they serve. Living rooms are used for entertaining guests most importantly. They also double as rooms in which the members of the household relax and spend time with each other. The living room is usually the place where the most beautiful aspects of the house collect together in one space. It is very important to give primary importance to a living room’s decoration.

This living room is more private and cozy. It is not open and the first thing one sees when one enters a home. This makes the place more like a den or a parlor. This living room is large, and the decorators and owners have given maximum importance to color and color coordination. They have also taken into consideration the appearance and mixture of patterns and prints.

The main color palette of the room consists of blue, white, black and brown. There is a very vivid sense of color separation here. The blues are very apparent, just as the browns, blacks and whites are. White takes up most of the room, because it is on the upper half of the walls, the curtains and the side table. White is sort of a unifying color in the room because of its neutrality. White gives the illusion of more space, and it is also viewed as a very classy color.

Something that attracts viewers to it immediately is the large animal print rug on the floor. The black and white zebra print is extremely bold and stark, and lends a lot of visual interest to the room.

Over all, the room is bold and strong. There is a very appealing quality to the space because of its strong use of color and pattern. The room isn’t cluttered and the furniture is quite modern without being overly minimalist.

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