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Giving Your Homes a Quick Makeover


Apartment Makeover

Apartment Makeover

While most interior decoration projects are indeed long drawn ones that begin with the concept of planning and finishes with execution which may take months to complete, there are a few quick solutions for those of you who want to give your rooms a quick makeover.

Well, to start with – one of the most important principles of interior decoration is the creation of a focal point. Any home must have this. When a person walks into a room, his or her eye should invariably be drawn towards this focal point. A room may not have an inbuilt one – very few have unless it is a room with an amazing window view which overshadows all the rest of the décor. Your focal point can be an exotic object of art, an amazing canvas wall art, a stylish coffee table, a funky rug – anything! Just make sure that you lighting is such that it focuses these objects.

Well the next thing you can do is pay attention to the fabric. True it is very difficult and certainly not a quick job to change your sofa upholstery. But you can certainly change the patterns of cushions and throw pillows. You can change the curtains and blinds to match the other fabric. Another quick tip is to get a nice attractive rug to add to the style. Another quick tip would be to change the lighting pattern. Have an ambient lighting which is to lighten up the room. This lighting should be subtle and gentle and should be able to bring forth a warm, cozy and comfortable ambience to the room. For the focal point have a brighter light that focuses on the object.

Painting the walls too is not a quick job – but getting some decent and quaint wall decals is indeed a quick and effective way of giving your home a quick makeover.

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