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Glassy Living Room

Glassy Living Room

Glassy Living Room

This is a gorgeous example of a minimalist house that does not compromise on free space. The house is perfectly airy and spacious, or looks so because the designers haven’t made the mistake of filling it with unnecessary clutter. Another huge factor that contributes to the house’s airiness is the fact that all the walls are made of glass. Obviously, there is no danger of being seen as there is a lot of empty land around the house to keep it private.

The room is large and luxurious and excellently illustrates the “less is more” theory. The seating area is a comfortably large and cushiony sofa. It is white and has large throw pillows and cushions on it. It is soft and this contrasts with the simplicity of the surrounding furniture.

Next to the sofa is a chic shelf area on which books have been placed. The books are of the coffee-table variety, but the residents have wisely opted to steer away from messing up their gorgeous coffee table with books.

The coffee table is a wonder. It looks like a pan, with its black wrought-iron finish. It is polished and can get scratched easily, but with the proper maintenance, can keep its gorgeous glossy luster.

Going with the minimalist theme are the lights. The residents and the designers are aware of how great the natural lighting is in the room. Instead of unnecessarily hanging big chandeliers or lights from the ceiling, they have opted for art-gallery-esque ceiling lights that do not impose or take up any space.

The floor has a tasteful matte finish. It is a dull grayish brown. The dining table which is quite large is of a light brown wood. The dining table’s chairs are whimsical, modern and white.

Over all, this room is a sight for sore eyes, and a wonder to live in. It looks comfortable and welcoming.

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