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Glittery Interior Design of Your Bathroom

Gold and Glitter in the bathroom

Gold and Glitter in the bathroom

Lord Alfred Tennyson once wrote, and I quote, about Sir Lancelot’s bridle – ‘The gemmy bridle glittered free, like to some branch of stars we see, hung in the golden Galaxy.’ I would like to reveal how close that glittering gemmy bridle is to the bathroom in the picture. I feel that it glitters in its beauty as much as Lancelot’s bridle does. The primary color used in this room’s design is a shiny, bright gold, that seems to exude warmth. The ceiling is a simple, pure white. This ceiling color is used for one reason- to transfer any focus on it to what really deserves attention. There is a pair of golden framed mirrors, that reflect the contents of a bathroom that is majestic, royal, expensive, and untimely beautiful. It’s something that would be found in a seven star hotel.

The pair of washbasins is identical. The taps resemble golden swans with outstretched wings, and beside each basin is a golden handled hairbrush. The mirror itself is absolutely beautiful in its size and structure. The side of the basin has three glass shelves attached to the wall, decked with ornaments and objects of decoration.  The space surrounding the basins is adequate for easy hand movement.

The other part of the bathroom is reflected in the mirror. The two windows are covered by sublime golden blinds, and the bathtub is situated on a stage like structure close to the windows. The bathtub is shaped beautifully, and looks to me like a pool of Paradise, situated only in the Garden of Eden, or even better. On that ‘stage’ is plenty of space for towels, decorations, and other things.

The glittering area of this room is not just in the mirror, or in the gold, but also in the lovely lighting system. The ceiling is filled with clusters of light. These bright white lights, fitted into the ceiling, fill the bathroom with light, which makes it glitter even more as this light reflects ricochets of the gold everywhere. This room is classy and may be more expensive; but, for those who can, it is worth a try.

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