Bathroom Interior Designs — February 20, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Green and Black Bathroom

Lime Green Bathroom

Lime Green Bathroom

The bathroom in this picture is unique and colorful, as well as pretty and well designed. The walls are a lime green, less bright than usual lime greens. The tiles used are the same shade. The floor is made of black tiles outlined with white. The tiles are very eye catching.

Beside the bathtub, on the floor, is a colorful bath mat, with a white background with black and yellow ochre circles. The bathtub is beautiful. The outside is made of the same lie green tiles that are on the wall above it. These tiles shine and reflect light very well. Right behind the bathtub is the shower area, different from everywhere else due to its black tiling on the walls. The area is also separated from the rest by a glass sheet. The window next to the bathtub has green grills, reemphasizing the theme of green. The wash basin is amazingly designed, looking very much like a glass bowl resting on the top of the table. The tap, the supporting beams, and the drain pipe are the only things silver in the setup. Above the basin is a rectangular mirror, framed in dark brown. Beside the mirror is space to place things like creams and more.

The commode area is right opposite the bathtub. It consists of a pearly white commode, and a small bidet beside it. You can hang towels and clothes on the wall above the commode. There is also a glass shelf next to the ceiling, where folded towels are kept, along with a music system. This underlines the spaciousness of the room.

The whole bathroom is incredible. It is spacious, unique, themed with classy colors, and tiled wonderfully. It does not seem too easy to maintain, but is lovely nonetheless.

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