Bedroom Interior Designs — May 29, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Green theme for interior design


Green is a wonderful color. It is tranquil, peaceful and calming. Green is used heavily in interior decoration. There are many tints and shades of green. Mint green and Kelly green are two extremes. The brighter the green, the less calm it is. Mint green or azure green is breezy, summery and beautiful.

Green is a secondary color, and it is a mixture of yellow and blue. It can look great on walls and wallpaper, while carpets can look great if it is not mossy and grass-like. Green is popular in eastern countries, as they have higher temperatures so green probably cools them down.

If you plan to use green, try pairing it with complementary colors. Browns go well with green, but can easily resemble woods and forests. If that is the look you’re going for, then it might be a good idea. However, if it is not your thing, maybe you can go for more color like blues or yellows. Yellow and green can have a very bright, Indian vibe. Blue and green can look either like peacock tones or can be a wonderfully pretty combination.

Try not to saturate a space with too much color. Green may be beautiful, but unless it’s on trees, too much of it can be cloying. Darker tones like Jade Green and Olive green may work better in larger doses, because they do not hurt the eye. Bright greens like parrot green or Kelly green will definitely make the eyes sore.  Mint green looks great in a bathroom, while darker greens look great in dining rooms and living rooms.

Green looks great on printed material. Cushion covers with Oriental style prints or motifs of trees, or carpets with intricate patterns, look pretty without being overly feminine.

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