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Grey and Lime Green Theme

Grey and Lime Green

Grey and Lime Green Living Room

A living room is supposed to be filled with color and contrast. It is not supposed to be dull and plain; in my eyes, that is exactly what this room is not. It somehow makes use of a small array of colors, while making the room seem in perfect harmony. The floor is a pearly white shade, and reflects the white ceiling.

The floor, ceiling, and walls of the room seem serene and identical, and almost make the room seem dull. But that’s until the lime green carpet catches your eye. The beautiful black and white triplet set of pictures blend with the wall easily. On one side of the wall, there is a simple white lampshade, and from the ceiling hangs another white lamp. The only other black and white parts of the room is the centre table and the side tables, all white tables with slim black legs. On the side of the sofa opposite the white lamp, is a lime green lampshade, matching the carpet. The two side tables present two platforms for keeping decorative items, while taking up barely any space.

The sofa is a large one, and is accompanied by a square pouf. Both are a velvety purple shade, and seem as comfortable as they look. The sofa has several beautiful cushions on it; all of various colours- lime green, violet, brassy golden, and beige. The combination of violet and green gives off a pretty effect. Our eyes are drawn back to the carpet. The center table is an exact square, and has space for many things like magazines, and flower vases. The flowers here are a bright crimson, but it is the showy green that again catches our attention.

The setting of the room is to make green the dominating colour, and purple the accompaniment, and it fulfils this desire brilliantly. The living room is a spitting image of a dream living room.

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