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Harmony and Proportion in Your Interiors


A charming and stylish living room design set up is not only visually appealing but also gives its owner immense satisfaction and pride. Well there are times when you want a beautiful interior but are not creative enough to design one.

You can of course hire an interior designer to do it for you, but then you are not quite sure if the result of it all would suit your personal taste. What you can do is to browse through magazines or websites and create something from these images that catches your eye and would suit your personality. Once you have liked something there, you can then ask the interior designer to style something along those lines and customize it to suit your budget and style.

What you bear in mind is that fact that the ultimate beauty of any interior lies in a harmonious blend of all objects and elements there. These are the colors and style. You cannot have an interior that clashes in style. A traditional interior decor should have all objects and elements traditionally styled. Any thing ultra modern or even modern will clash and you are left with something not only incongruous but also wanting in style and fashion.

This is why it is very important to decide on the style of your interior first. Then comes the proportion. Your entire ensemble in the room should be proportional. They need not be exactly symmetrical, you can have a leeway there if there is a beauty and aesthetic comeliness. But never lose sight of fact that all objects should be proportional. You cannot have a small size sofa set furniture with a large coffee table! Or a tiny little flower vase in a large beautifully designed display rack. With these tips in mind you can have a beautifully designed interior on any budget!

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