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How to decorate a large and spacious living room?

Large and spacious living room

Large and spacious living room

Where do some designs fail? There are many areas that they can be lacking in, be it color, space, novelty, lighting, theme, and more. People continually talk of how much space they need in a room. For it to be uncluttered makes it a good thing, because there is walking space, and there is no chance of banging into anything while navigating through the room. Simply said, space is an integral part of interior design. But what one should realize is that in our world, it isn’t having all the good things, or all the bad things, but having balance, that matters. A room cannot possibly be without some clutter, nor can it have just plain space, because something will always occupy that space. In a room like this, with such an excess of space, it gives off the impression of emptiness. You would most certainly look at this once and realize you have plenty of changes to make in it. That may be a good thing- an almost empty room has potential to develop and look good.

This living room’s design is the type of room anyone would love to own. It has a vast amount of space, has a lot of seating space otherwise, a large television, an efficient lighting system, large windows, and is definitely designed well. It looks classy and stylish. The sofa is huge, covering a large amount of the room. The television is set on a shelf which houses books and speakers. The walls and ceiling are both white, and attached to the ceiling are small lights pointing all over the room. The wide windows are beautifully designed. They allow plenty of light into the room. Overall, I can only praise this room. It may have too much unnecessary space, and may be slightly empty in some areas, but it looks good, and is well done.

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