How to save on Interior Design


Let’s face it, when decorating your home – interior design can be rather expensive. I recently went to Kmart, searching for a few simple items to decorate my bathroom with. To be more elaborate on this subject, I ended up purchasing 2 large matching towels, smaller ones, a shower curtain, and two decorative pieces for the sink area. Not to mention, I also decided to pick up the matching brown floor rugs. This ended up costing me over $180 for everything. While some people do not have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to decorate their home with, there are other ways to save on this. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Shopping at Garage Sales
Have you ever considered shopping at garage sales? Here, there is a lot of potential to pick up something that was once very pricey, and even get it for a fraction of the cost. You can buy tons of decor items here without over spending. Most items at garage sales are in decent condition, so you can always pick them up for your own home.

2. Purchasing with Coupons
If you have a special coupon book for certain stores, it’s a good idea to bring it along with you. By purchasing multiple items with your coupons, you’ll be able to save a lump sum over the months.

3. Do it yourself
I cannot stress enough that this is the number one way to saving. Suppose you buy a beat up dresser that needs a paint job. Purchasing the paint and doing it yourself is always recommended. Also, rather than hiring a home staging expert – you should follow pictures or do it from the books.

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