Living Room Interior Designs — February 19, 2013 at 10:56 pm

Ideas for a happy home



A selection of calm modern interiors. You can see what you can do with the use of old-school materials.


Here you can see how your white room with white sofas can benefit from the wooden table. A fresh breath of harmony – look how furniture and art coexist in this interior.


Rather interesting use of the wood in this terrace layout. Great furniture for relaxation. 


A great addition to a classic black & white room is the use of glass all around the room. 


Interesting mixture of old stone walls with a huge chandelier and moderns lamps. 


Stylish dinner table as a main object in this interior with the addition of designers hand-made chair. 


An unusual approach to your working conditions. Work at home in creative surroundings.  


This is something very bald, and I mean it. Look at the huge lamps above the dining table in this traditional room.  


Thank you for viewing!

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