Living Room Interior Designs — March 20, 2013 at 2:28 pm

Imagine your home without a sofa?



Today we are on a quest to find sofas that will be a great decor to our interior design, however we also want them to be comfortable, cozy, durable  and practical. We will offer you some choices, so you can pick your dream sofa!



Both sofas here are a traditional design with a high sitting and a really low back. They do have a big air pillows as well, you definitely can relax on them. Great contrast of deep red and nearly white beige colors. Linen or velvet upholstery – it is up to your choice, as you prefer.



Original, original and original. I am really impressed in this interior art direction. Perhaps you don’t want to spend much time on them though, they do look a little bit hard and rigid.



Quilted and figured upholstery of these sofa and couch are all elements of luxurious life. Furniture is making this room rigid, while sofas adding a soft touch to your feelings. Unusually opposed styles.



Big soft sofa in a shape of corner with lots of pillows on it – I say classics. In addition to that you have a padded stool, which you can use either that your legs can have some rest, or to temporarily store something right near your rest place. Decor adds to your comfort and the color choice is nice as well. Little bit of contrast on pillows and stool upholstery.



This kind of sofa will decorate any interior. Quilted designers sofa with a low back, nice choice of color and material. I love it and to have it in my living room right now! Neutral grey color can fit pretty much any interiors.



Surprising design of this sofa will surely have enough space, so even the big and tall man can lie down, while his wife will play this grand piano. Everything is thought with attention to details. I like colors here, different weather settings will create various shades of color theme in this room.


Come back for more!


  1. I am into interior decoration making a every effort of getting it right. Infact, i’ve fall in total love with your exquisite designs. Your combination of colours,flowers are good experience. Do you have office in Nigeria? Thanks.

  2. Your colouring, covers, everything is fantastic I looove it!!!

  3. I would love to find side chairs with fringe…do you know of a source in Colorado?

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