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Impact of Color in Your Home Interiors


Wall Accents

Wall Accents

There is no denying the fact that color adds a great bit of impact to your home interiors. However elegantly designed your interiors may be, it is the color that enhances it and adds a punch to it. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you choose the right color. Many play it safe by opting for sober colors because they feel that such colors go with any kind of furniture or style. When a person enters the room he or she is automatically and unconsciously drawn to the color scheme of the room and taking in all else will only be after that! This is why there are group of professionals who are called Color Consultants. They can provide valuable advice on how your room will look after it has been painted with a particular color.

Most of the time when we look through the color palette we are attracted to some colors there but one can never be sure what the effect of that color will be once it is painted on the walls. This is where Color Consultants could be very helpful.

In order to enhance the beauty and style of a room choose more than one color for the walls and ceilings. Two would be a better choice, three colors would look good in large rooms, but more than three is likely to produce an incongruous effect. More than color choice is basically to give the room an accent. But then the combination of colors should be right. Not all colors complement each other. Most of the times a combination of a light and dark color work very well. Go in for muted colors for the wall and a high contrast color that complements the muted color for ceilings or other places where you would like to provide the accent. It is also good to choose the furniture upholstery and other fabric and rugs that match the colors you choose for the walls.

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