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Improve Room Interiors With Unique Shelves On The Wall

Tree shaped shelf

Tree shaped shelf

Interior design is only brilliant when it is transformed from design into art. Appeal is increased tenfold when an interior designer becomes an artist. His creations and developments start speaking to observers, whispering words of beauty to them.

Bulky furniture pieces as shelves that stand in one corner of the room, taking up space are no longer in fashion. The modern use of interior design has brought in shelves attached to walls. This is by far the best development of the industry. Space is increased by a large amount and maneuverability in a room as well. When a shelf is attached to the wall it must be held strongly so it can support large amount of weight, and it can house many things. It should also be of a color that matches or forms a pattern wit he wall, instead of clashing with it. It must not look out of place, holding onto the wall like a nuisance.

Keeping all these in mind, it is clear that the interior designer of this shelf is quite remarkable. He has created a piece of art utilizing an extremely simple theme- black and white, and has used barely any material. His creation does not take up too much space, as shown in the picture.

The wall behind the white e shelf is painted black, resembling the shadow of a large tree. The black of this paint contrasts with the pleasant white wall behind it. The shelf in particular is smooth, white, and beautiful. It is beautiful because it seems to be the skeleton of the tree behind it. The black shadow is contrasted deeply with the white frame. The frame seems to be the branches and trunk of the tree, while the black paint is its leaves. This idea itself impresses me, because of its uniqueness and originality. The shelf, looking at it at an angle other than artistic, has plenty of space to store things like books, or ornaments. I think books would look most at home over here.

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