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Indoor Plants in Interior Designing


The most common objects that we use for decorating our homes or offices are canvas paintings, other kinds of wall art, framed photographs of the family and a variety of porcelain, crystal or knick knacks made of any other material. This could be in the form of a lamp shades, a curio, a flower vase or some such ornamental pieces.

Added to all these one should explore the possibility of placing indoor plants in pots. Indoor flower plants and indoor ornamental plants provide a whole new look to the entire household.  These days there are numerous indoor plants available in any plant nursery. You can choose one that you can take care of and one that is going to add that extra zing to your household.

This is especially useful for people who live in apartments, and have love for plants. They cannot have the luxury of an outdoor garden. Will planned effort, an indoor garden can created that may even out do an outdoor one. Remember having an indoor garden or plants is not the same as having one out doors.  Three things that one should take care of is the watering, providing of enough sunlight and right amount of manure for health growth.

Many indoor pots provide for watering so that the water does not seep on the floor. Buy only those pots that are fit for indoors. When it comes to providing light for these plants, if they are placed in a dark corner of your house, ensure that once in a while you move these plants around for them to get sunlight. Use garden manure and approved pesticides to keep your plants healthy and disease free. Make sure that you prune your plants occasionally for healthy growth.

Indoor plants do provide an amazing avenue for home décor. Use them to create an inviting aura to your homes.

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