Apartment Interior Designs — February 4, 2011 at 9:05 am

Indoor Waterfalls and Fountains


Everyone of would like their home decoration to be unique and personal. There are many ways of creating that distinctive touch and add a touch of class to your interior décor. One such thing is an indoor water fountain or a wall Waterfall. An indoor water fountain is indeed a lovely work of art and with unique lighting you can have an amazing visual display unit that is dynamic and ever-changing.

Wall waterfalls do provide you with a serene and totally relaxing atmosphere. They provide a unique focal point to your room décor and change the scope of your room dramatically. Even a room with a drab décor will change instantly with the addition of a wall water fall. Apart from providing a visually pleasing element, it can create a calming effect to your abode in adding some zen to your living area.

Wall waterfalls are now popular because they not only provide a stunning visual but also add moisture to the air that creates a humidity which could be comforting and cozy. Vicinity to moving water relieves stress. Why else do people go in for holiday resorts to beaches and come back refreshed and energized?!  As per Feng Shui water falling inside room brings you prosperity, loads of good luck and good health.

Once you have decided on it, you must now make a good choice depending upon the size of your room. You can have a water cascade built with mirrors or marble, copper or slate and even pebbles. Try and bring some natural out door element into your house to create a special aura! Pay specific attention to the lighting details here. You can go in for a dramatic effect by having color lights or a plain staid effect by going in for dim or concealed lights.  You can also have a combination of both – use it according to your mood. So if you are looking for something unique and novel, try the water wall fountain.

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