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Integrating the Whole in an Interior Décor Project


Wholesome Interiors

Wholesome Interiors

All of us do want to make our home stand out and show it off to others which is why we take a lot of pain to create a living space that is elegant, stylish, sophisticated and unique. We would like to bring in exotic objects of art, amazing hand painted canvases, exquisite chandeliers, elegant and unique furniture to complement our living space. But the wholesome of an interior décor is an integration of not just objects but also the themes and designs. While each object in itself may look magnificent, you must make sure that you place these objects in the scheme of your interior décor so that they easily blend in with the whole.

While planning your interior, you must allow your personal choice to play the upper hand here. But at the same time, you may have to make some compromises while incorporating the whole. You can choose to give you entire house a particular theme or take the theme theory room by room. It would be safer to give your entire house the same theme but if your teenager son or daughter would like to have their rooms designed as per their likes and dislikes give in to them.

If you want to display all your exotic collections then create an ambiance that could show them off in the best light. Be it a canvas painting or a lovely figurine place them in such a way that the lighting is kind to them. There is no point in having an expensive antique Victorian silver vase if  it is placed somewhere in the shadow and is not focused upon.

Invite a home interior decorator and discuss how you want home decorated. Show him or her all the objects that you have that you would like to draw attention too. You are sure going to get some valuable tips on how all the different and seemingly discordant objects can blend in smoothly into a stylish whole.

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