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Interesting décor for small spaces

Small spaces

Small spaces

Spaces that are well decorated usually have an air of elegance and sophistication written all over them. You need to pay attention to a couple of things that are important for good decoration. One is space. Space is the most important aspect of decoration because a cramped space is never a good thing. Pay a lot of attention to the way you space things in your house, from the furniture to the paintings on the wall.

Color and color combinations are also extremely important. Make sure that when decorating a room, the color combinations in the space are classy and subtle. Understand color and know that something basic and primary like red could be very youthful and childish, but a maroon would look great in a big dining room.

This small space is a perfectly designed area. It is not big, but the owner has managed to give the place a very elegant finish. The decorators have managed to find very sophisticated period pieces that look glamorous and luxurious. For example, the leather chair is in a shiny lilac, but looks expensive. It contrasts nicely with the red sofa that is accented by gold buttons on the sides. The look is edgy and different instead of being boring, as this could easily be.

The curtains add a lot of interest to the space. They are beautifully printed in graphic black and white. They match the dark accents that are scattered around the room. The door, for example, is accented by black. Black is a color that really ties things together.

Femininity is added to the room thanks to the slightly over-the-top fur rug on the floor. In fact, the furniture’s femininity is juxtaposed with the inherent masculinity of the other parts of the room.

This is a good example of space in design.

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