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Interior Decor for Kids' Rooms


It is almost always fun to decorate a kid’s room. Firstly it takes you back to your childhood and brings back nostalgic memories and secondly because there is so much you can do. This is one place you can never ever run out of ideas. What is usually done is a pink theme for girls and a blue theme for boys! But I think one can certainly do better than that! You can do something totally unique and special for your kid’s room.

Here’s one place where you should not settle for minialistic colors or themes. The rooms should shine and be ‘happy’ and not boring or formal. Fortunately this room need not blend with the overall theme of the house. You can have a very formal interior design for your living room, kitchen or bedroom and go in for bold themes for the kids rooms.

If your son wants Pirate’s Treasure theme give it to him! If your daughter wants a Princess theme give it to her. Nobody is going to take you to task for that! Jaw dropping kids murals are now available in so many themes! Sure you may think they may grow out of it. But live in the present. They are going to cherish their own personal space and are sure to relive those memories for many years to come. Once you have decided on the walls begin to focus on the furniture. It should certainly blend with the theme.  Be it the window treatment or cupboards, study table or bed linen ensemble, match it with the theme. But make sure that it is what they want!

Give them lots of storing space! They would certainly want to dump quite a bit of stuff there. Also place rugs that go with the theme and rugs that are dark hued and washable. Don’t be all that finicky about keeping the room spic and span. Let them love their room and take care of it. Once you have decorated it with their ideas, it is their room!

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