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Interior Décor in red and white


Candy Canes

Candy Canes

Being innovative and experimenting is a plunge taken by many designers, and with many consequences, good and bad. The room in the picture isn’t exactly ‘risky’ though, it’s just very futuristic. There are many things in this room that would not be used normally, but it is those things that make up its beauty. In this room design I see a theme that is very prominent- red and white. White is a classy and clear color, giving off an aura of peace and calm. Red can be seen as risky and dangerous with its in-your-face brightness, but it blends with the red brilliantly to inject a certain calmness in the color of blood.

Colors aren’t the most important things to look at in this creative design. Shapes are. The main shape over here is the circle, which makes the room look spacious and larger than it actually is. The floor is extremely eye-catching with its bright crimson shade. The floor is patterned like a bull’s eye with the circles being white. This sets off the red and white theme from the entire room.

The large window on the side is covered by white curtains that allow in plenty of light. The wall adjacent to this window is the most original I’ve seen. The background is a shiny, polished white. On it are two spirals- red and white in color.

Another important attraction of this room lies in its ceiling. The ceiling is a bright red polished and reflects what is below it wonderfully. From the ceiling hang several white spheres that serve as items of decoration as well as lanterns.

Overall, I truly love this room because of its originality and sense of space. The furniture is very modern, even though the chairs look hardly comfortable. The table is very spacious and can hold many things. The room is well designed, and looks very good.

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