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Interior Décor of living room in shades of brown

cool living room

cool living room

This living room seems to be styled after Asia. The warm colors used in it really bring out pleasant and happy feelings. I’ve seen so many rooms with classy colors like blue and black and green, but not one of those colors can give out warmth, even when coupled with daylight. But this room, for a change, just exudes waves of warmth.

The chairs and center table are so innovative, made of wooden basket material. They look very much like fisherman baskets, and that’s a good thing. The center table consists of a thin glass top supported by two thick basket-pillars. The glass looks good on top of the woven wood. The chair close to the table is made of the same wood. The light beige color of the sofa contrasts beautifully with the dark brown frame of the chair.

Similar contrast is offered parallel to the center table. The sofa is the same light beige, almost white, but has a pair of patterned brown cushions on it. The sunlight coming from the open window makes the sofa look even brighter.

On the side of the sofa is a beautiful shelf, made of dark wooden box frames joint to each other. Each frame has an ornament inside it, giving scope for decoration in the room.

Another attractive part of this room is the wall behind the sofa. It is designed queerly, with various circular and square grooves all over it, seeming like a puzzle with the pieces rotated the wrong ways. The tied up curtain on the side is a cooling yellow ochre which matches the rest of the room.

This room is indeed a lovely sight. It would be an excellent place to relax in and have a conversation. It would even be a good place to read a book during the day.

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