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Interior décor with an artistic flair

Artistically designed living room

Artistically designed living room

When I saw this room, I instantly liked it. Not because of the fact that it is well designed or good looking, but that it is so informal and slightly cluttered. Interior design is subjective. People with different styles exist, and so different people like different designs. This design is for the type of person who exists to be messy, cluttered, but yet artful and creative. Maybe the life of an artist?

Regardless of how informal it is, the beauty in this room is evident. It sticks to its style, and therefore remains something that can be admired very much. Pieces of art are all over the room and stationary as well. The mysterious pictures of women strike me contribute to the appeal of the room.

The theme of this room seems to be blue and yellow. We see black and white. green and white, blue and white, but we rarely see blue and yellow, which surprises me, seeing as how good this looks. The sofa is large and spacious. Its cushion is colored like red pepper sauce. It looks very comfy. The yellow and blue rug on the sofa may not be permanently part of the room, but it certainly makes it look good. The calm yellow of the wall behind the sofa looks even better when paired with the bright blazing yellow light on the side. The main attraction of this room design exists on the wall here. Usually we see paintings hung on the walls, but not like this. I love the novelty of grouping loads of paintings together to form a strange and cluttered cluster of art. It is eye catching and beautiful. The blue vase on the brown wooden floor reemphasizes the theme of yellow and blue.

This room is excellently designed. It is very good looking, and very easy to maintain. It is very original, especially with the placement of the paintings on the wall. It makes sure of one thing- novelty. Even though it looks much cluttered, it is actually quite spacious, which is vital in interior design of any kind.

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