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Interior Decoration – Staircase Décor


Staircase Decor

Staircase Decor

Interior design and décor vary vastly when it comes to apartments and independent houses. If you have a duplex house with your bedrooms upstairs, you can create creating amazing decors to make your living environs beautiful. With a duplex house come the staircases. Now the function of the staircase is of course to take us upstairs to the bedrooms or other rooms that are up there. But we can create breathtaking designs for the staircases too and make it an integral part of our interior décor. There are so many things you can do to achieve this. You can show your personality, style and creativity when you choose to decorate your stair cases.

When you add wall accents in the form of painting, make sure that these colors are used to paint the stair case runner too. If you choose to buy runners or carpets for the stair cases, don’t compromise with the color. Match the colors to go with the rest of your interior décor. The material that is used for the carpets should be hardy and withstand a lot of traffic. It could be expensive, but this is again something you should not be compromising on. If you do you sure will have to replace the threadbare carpet again for staircases are a high traffic area. If you have railings for your staircases, paint them with colors that blend in with the rest of the interiors.

There are many households who use the staircases as storage units. This is not at all a bad option provided it does not disturb the ambiance of the room and provided that you maintain it all costs. Most of the staircase storage facilities are used to store shoes, shoe polish and stuff like that. This also means that they are going to be used a lot. In such cases make the staircases sturdier and choose only the best quality wood for them.

Finally you have to add a safety quotient here too. Very many accidents happen in homes by slipping down the stair cases. To ensure safety make the railings slip resistant and also make sure that the staircases carpets are well fitted and snug.

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