Interior Decoration With A Local And Ethnic Touch

Elegant Living Room

Elegant Living Room

Minimalism seems to be the trend of the day. Everyone is in love with simplicity, clarity and easy living. It is no longer the priority of decorator and owners to deck their rooms and spaces with crazy designs and unnecessary clutter.

This room is a perfect example of how minimalism can be fused with an old fashioned, Riviera-feel to make a space look elegant, sophisticated, and generally gorgeous. It helps that this room opens up into a garden and a beach with pristine blue waters.

This is a large space that looks bigger because of the high ceilings and French verandah. The furniture is simple, summery and has a very Summer-at-the-Hamptons look. The marble flooring adds to the sophistication and elegance, and manages to look classy. Marble is perfect to use in a seaside area, as wood can get easily spoilt due to the presence of constant moisture.

Color blocking is seen in the palette, with a dependence on black and white. However, the decorator has mixed things up by using creams instead of white. Elegant coffee tables adorn the center, ensuring that this a place from which to watch the sunrise and simply chill out in.

There is a modern touch mixed with a neo-classical feel that keeps things romantic and soft. The room however, manages to stay away from being too masculine. It is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

The decorators have cleverly avoided placing art work on the walls, instead emphasizing on the advantage of having a marvelous view such as this. By the windows there are some curios and sculptures that look local, a nice, ethnic touch that increases the charm of the space.

Art work isn’t at all needed actually, since each furniture piece manages to convey style and interest.

All in all, this is a perfect place for a retreat or a holiday. It is elegant and beautiful, without being over the top and pretentious.

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