Interior Decoration with Light, Air and Water

Light and Airy Room

Light and Airy Room

This sleek minimalist area is an inventive utilization of seemingly unnecessary space. It is a breezy addition to a bedroom that adds light and space. The sharp edges and sleek design adds a modern edge. This space may be too extreme in terms of edgy style for many, but it is perfect for those who are willing to experiment.

The luxury factor of this room is apparent. The room has a wonderful view of the oceanfront and seems tranquil and calm. Instead of windows, there are large glass screens that bring in an abundance of natural light.

There is a very square, frugal, bone structure to the room. The muted tones of light brown, white and beige are sophisticated and clean. The small, rectangular pool in the middle of the room adds one more reflective surface to the area. Water bodies also add coolness to the room.

If you notice, there isn’t much artwork in the room. This adds to the minimalism of the room. The bleached wood maximizes the space without being gaudy and overreaching.

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As this room is hard to construct, it is better to recreate the stylish aesthetic of the room without too much money spent. Try keeping the color palette light and breezy. Use lots of creams and whites. Lighter colors always make a space look larger, which is why interior decorators avoid using black and dark blue.

The main feature of this room is the lack of clutter. Clutter always makes a room look tackier and dirtier. This room, with its modern finish, is easy to maintain and polish and clean. However, this is not a very youthful look. The sharp edges and lack of color and eclecticism would probably not attract those who like to be surrounded by a lot of objects.

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