Commercial Interior Designs — May 25, 2011 at 7:51 pm

Interior Design For A Bar


Interior design takes a commercial turn in places like bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. The saying time is money becomes beauty and appeal is money. For example, if a new restaurant is opened on a frequented street, people will only approach it if they see an exotic looking sign or notice rich and luxurious interiors within it. Five star hotels look fantastic. They are clean, stylish, and luxurious, therefore attracting many customers. A place that is never empty of customers is a bar. A bar serves alcohol, which fuels the life of many people. But no one will enter a bar if it doesn’t’ look good. It may serve good drinks, but if it looks like rubbish, it becomes rubbish.

The bar in the picture is themed with the color of blood- red. Red matched with black never fails to look good and that is reemphasized in this design. The counter is narrow and red in color, and the seats are high and made of black leather The red lights below the counter reflect along the glass in the room to look wonderful. There are red walls behind the counter, making the room look even redder. The room is lit from above with tiny yellow lights that are attached to the ceiling. The bar’s design is very well designed. It looks efficient as well as stylish. The glasses are supported upside down from above where the bartender stands, and this part looks subtle and suave.

This bar has an excellent theme of red and black, which may be common, but does look good. The area is full of space, including space between seats being large. The counter is narrower than usual bar counters, and this makes the place look a little more original. It is a bar many customers would visit, because of how good it looks.

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