Commercial Interior Designs — May 22, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Interior design for a beauty salon


Interior design is characterized by the word ‘different’. All designs are not the same. The same way, they aren’t entirely different from each other.

These differences are seen through the years, as the styles and methods of interior design have been developing and progressing as the years have gone by. This is a good thing, because the changes that occur are good changes, and old designs persist in many places. Beauty can be represented by delicate, calm, pristine designs, or by solid, plain, and simple designs. Here, I see that delicate type of beauty- the beauty that exists in things that shine softly in the daylight, and sparkle, tempting people to break it. Glass and China shops look intricately beautiful, mainly because of the large amount of delicate objects in them. When light shines in this room, it will reflect across a thousand surfaces to instill artistic inspiration in every human being.

The design in the picture is of a hair salon. This design, I feel, brings about that delicate beauty feeling, along with a feeling of solidarity. This has to exist because in a salon, with so many customers coming in and going out, there has to be some way to reduce damage in the general design of the room. The chairs are comfy and white in color, framed by silver. The entire salon is also filled with beautiful photography of hairstyles and more. The shelves of the room are very wide and spacious, so that material used for hair care is easy to store. The whole salon is generally separated into parts by glass, which attracts a large amount of beauty. Again, glass makes the room look better. If it were separated by walls of cement, or even railings, it just wouldn’t be the same. That is why most shops and salons have a large amount of glass all over. Using glass walls and plenty of glass is a smart and easy way to make it look good, as show by the picture. This design shows exactly how a person should design a salon.

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