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Interior design for a cozy sitting area

Design_Guest House Style

Design_Guest House Style

This house is suitable for a guest house, designed by none other than the wonderful decorators of the Tenbosch House company. They specialize in Scandinavian inspired design, and tend to veer off modern pieces in favor of distinctively mid-century objects that somehow still manage to radiate the modernity we so try to aspire to, despite using futuristic and minimalist stuff.

This Art Noveau townhouse has been converted into an oasis of calm and tranquility. A guest house, as a rule, should not be overly personal, but it should also not make the mistake of becoming too generic either. This is how they are different from normal hotels. The decorators of Tenbosch House have realized this, and have thus created a space that is a wonderful mix of coziness, warmth and also subtle neutrality.

As a seating area, there aren’t any sofas or other traditional furniture items like divans and chaises. Instead, there are three different chairs taken from mid-20th century Scandinavian style that form an eclectic mix. The one at the corner is in a canary yellow, and being so bright, it does not need an ounce of accessorizing. So it remains there, untamed and basic. The other chair is a wicker chair with woven cane. It is a folding chair and is given a dull cinnamon shade to keep it company. The remaining chair is an official looking gray, but it manages to be one of the first things noticed in the room, thanks to the colorful striped cushion.

The entire arrangement stands on a neutral rug that is oval in shape and off-white in color. It brings about a sense of balance to the entire room, and rounds off the various colors that could otherwise make the room seem crowded and uncoordinated.

It is lovely how vintage furniture has been infused with contemporary art pieces and lots of natural light. The large French window in the room brings in a lot of sunlight and warmth.

In short, this is a wonderful and comfortable looking place in which to stay.

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