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Interior Design For A Home Office

Home Office Design

Home Office Design

Working from home is something that happens everywhere today. Naturally, a home office comes into the picture. Offices at home allow a person to improvise and make his work space look stylish and informal, as compared to formal, stiff, offices. The work space is where a person spends most of his time, and thus has to be comfortable, appealing in both looks and space, and should be easy to maintain. The home office design in the picture is a stunning mix of colors and shapes that seem to work out brilliantly together. The amount a person can progress in his work indirectly depends on where he is working. If he is working in a stuffy, ugly area, he is bound to feel suffocated, and he won’t work efficiently. If, on the other hand, he works in a clean, classy, spacious room, he feels comfortable and at ease, and can work properly.

The floor of this room is carpeted by a straw colored carpet bordered by a black band. This carpet is simple and yet very attractive. The chair on the carpet is a low, comfy one, colored a light green in color. The chair seems ideal for one to sit and work in. The desk in front of the chair is a sleek black one, but is designed in a rather old fashioned way. The entire body of it is black, and the knobs to pull the drawers open are white squares. There are two shelves at the bottom right corner to ensure that the user has space for magazines, books, folders, etc. The storage space in this home office does not end there. There is a cabinet lying beside it, with more than ten drawers to store things like files. The top of the cabinet has space for lights, ornaments, and stationery. Inevitably, this area is going to be used to accumulate the owner’s useless items that are not needed on the desk. This home office design is colorful, full of storage space, and easy to maintain. The wallpaper and painting on the side of the cabinet look lovely together, and the white wall behind the desk looks good too.

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