Commercial Interior Designs — June 5, 2011 at 4:24 pm

Interior Design For A Restaurant


It always impresses me how something relatively simple is turned into something beautiful with just a small change or modification.

That is the base interior design rests on- change. Continuous change is important in interior design, so that pieces of design keep with the times. Unfortunately for design, the times keep changing. But, on the other hand, beauty transcends time. In fact, sometimes, beauty only increases with time. Designing a home is easier than designing a restaurant. In a restaurant, everything must be perfect, appealing, catchy, and yet easy to maintain, seeing as it will probably have hundreds of people passing through in a single day. The design has to allow hygiene as well as style to attract more customers.

The furniture over here is very simple and ordinary. Because it is barely complicated, it looks classy. The table tops are polished light brown in color, and are supported by black legs. The chairs are gleaming white, and the benches attached to the wall on the opposite side are covered by black seat cushions and many other cushions of different colors. The many colored cushions are contrasting to the white and black setting of the wallpaper behind them. The wall on which these cushions rest is white, with curving patterns of black tree branches on it. The branches are extremely eye catching and cast a lovely background for the restaurant. The restaurant itself is spacious, full of energy, it is stylish in its color usage, because it uses very few colors, but still makes this room look extremely colorful. With ease, this restaurant design can capture the attention of many customers, mainly because of how it looks, and the space it gives. Its class stems from the fact that it looks so uncomplicated.

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