Bedroom Interior Designs — May 31, 2011 at 7:19 pm

Interior Design For Bedrooms in Attics


Attic spaces are extremely underrated. Most people do not use their attics for anything other than storage. They serve a similar function as the basement. Attics are on top of a house, and are usually associated with darkness, dust, must and gloom. This need not be the case for you. With a little creativity, design education and imagination, you can create a wonderful attic space however small.

Attics do not have a lot of ventilation because all the windows are on the other floors. It is easy to construct windows to make the space more airy. The darkness can be removed by painting the attic in white or other light colors completely. White is a very light reflective color, and will give the room an illusion of more space.

The attic as shown here is an excellent example of good lighting and d├ęcor. The space is simple and basic. It does not have added frills. The charming addition to this attic is the slanting roof. Slanting roofs are romantic and pretty. They can have slanting windows that will bring in light and breeze.

The decorators have not crowded the room with unnecessary details. The attic has been converted into a sleeping area by adding a large bed or couch. The bed is simple with a nice basic bed sheet that adds a lot of defining color. The couch is long and brown, which is subtle and sophisticated. It looks good against all the white.

The owners have stuck to the color themes by using purple lighting, something that matches the bed linens.

A very noticeable thing about the room is that the floors are also white, which makes the room look unending and extremely vast. This is an excellent idea that shows a keen spatial eye.

When doing your attic, you can of course add more color, as this will probably keep things interesting.

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