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Interior Design In Shades Of Blue

Shades of blue

Shades of blue

This is a very youthful room that will probably be appreciated by college students and the like. The room is full of color and modern furniture. It is very appealing to the younger generation because of the futuristic elements that are funky and exciting.

As is apparent, the color palette is fairly simple. The main color used here is blue. The blue has sort of taken over the entire space and is used in different but only slightly varying tones throughout. The walls are a pleasant blue that is neither light nor dark. Not even a bit of the wall, even the ceiling is left white. The use of blue seems to be the priority of the owners and decorators. There is a dark blue carpet on the wooden floor that only emphasizes the use of blue.

Blue is a very calming color that can be quite powerful. Dark blue signifies luxury, elegance and sophistication, while lighter hues of blue signify sports, youth and masculinity. Blue is a very lively color but unlike red, it manages to be calming and not overly bright and overpowering.

The other colors used here are white, gray and brown. The floor is brown because it is made of well polished wood. The draws and shelves are also made of dark wood that adds a sleek edge to the space.

The room isn’t particularly well-lit, but this is made up for by the presence of good furniture that is trendy and futuristic.

The overall function of this room is to act as a workspace and a living space. It works well, because it can easily be well maintained. Maybe it is better for you to not use as much of one color as these owners have, but if you have a theme, stick to it.

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