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Interior design made elegant with dark pink and wood

Dark and Rich Living Room

Dark and Rich Living Room

Pink is infamous as a feminine color. No one really associates pink with masculinity and toughness. It is a delicate, light and merry color that most women like. Pink is very popularly used in clothes, rooms and other objects.

This room is sort of like an ode to the color pink. It is full of different tints and shades of rose pink, baby pink and maroon. There is a sort of grandness to the space. While pink is a feminine shade, it is also associated with luxury and decadence. Dark pink and maroon are such colors because they are rich and bright.

The owners and decorators of this space have tried to layer different tints and shades of pink all over. While the walls are painted a pale pink that is light and subtle, the furniture is cherry red with silken patterns. Even the wooden furniture has a rosy glow, and the art work has reds and pinks on the canvasses. The owner has clearly planned to stick to the theme of the color, and has spared no expense if covering the entire space with rich tones.

Even the furniture is grand and elegant looking, and matches the pink. It is easy to make pink look tacky and immature, but the decorator of this space knows that pink can be made to look wonderfully elegant and rich. It does not have to look to flashy, vulgar or tacky.

In order to increase the elegance of the space, the decorator has placed richly designed intricate carpets on the floor. The patterns on the carpet add a lot of visual interest to the room, without making the space seem too busy and cluttered.

Do not go overboard when using pink. Try to use this room as inspiration, so that the space can look pretty yet well designed.

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