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Interior Design Of A Bar In Brilliant Colors

Colorful Bar

Colorful bar

Who knew pink could be so beautiful? I was struck by awe when I first saw this bar design. It looks like something that will fit right in inside a seven star hotel. To think, if you made correct use of lighting, shades of colors, and reflections brought about by shine, you can create something wonderful.

The floor is the first sign of beauty here. It is the base of the design. It not only houses the entire room, but also reflects the bright colors of the bar counter and lighting. It is originally creamy beige, but it transforms into a multicolored thing when the lights are on.

The bar stools are simple, yet exquisite. With a mixture of steel and purple fittings, they are identical to each other. Their comfortable looking seats and adjustable heights make them a perfect part of this design. The bar itself is the most important part of the entire design of this room. The counter is a sleek black, similar to many other bar counters. Black does not reveal scratches as well as other colors do, and black is in one word ‘classy’.

The stretch of wall below contains lights just under the counter. These lights shine downwards, revealing a brilliantly painted area. The pinks vary from deep and rich hues to light, creamy ones. This pink is the first thing that catches the eye in this entire design.

The area behind the counter where the alcohol is stored is skillfully divided into various sectors, where there are different shelves attached to different parts of the wall, and lit individually by bright yellow lights.

This bar design is not simply a design- it is art. It takes a lot of energy and time to create a design that is almost flawless. I feel that a design like this will make customers desire to constantly come back, and not just for the buzz.

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