Commercial Interior Designs — April 22, 2011 at 6:51 pm

Interior design of a Bar Lounge


It’s quite a challenge to create a place that people want to continue going to. People always try new things, but it is holding, not just capturing their attention that matters. To do this, designers must try many different combinations, themes, pairs, types, and colors.

Usually, when someone tells me a room is designed mainly using the color green, I tend to assume that the room is completely filled with creepers and ferns. But boy was I wrong, and looking at this café cum bar design shows me that. The green used here is not the bright and fresh green of plants, nor is it the dull green used when walls are painted. I would pen this green to be a slightly brighter color than the color of mint ice cream. One way to describe the green would be that it is strangely eerie and evil, but does not contribute any unpleasantness to the atmosphere of the room.

The counter is colored white and is polished to allow it to reflect light. The ceiling is of the same color, and so is majority of the room. Opposite the counter is the seating area, where groups of people can sit and enjoy something to eat. The tables are lit from within with green light. The furniture on this side is all-white. The tables are stylishly attacked to the wall. The counter has plenty of space for customers. The chairs on this side are the same as the ones on the other- white and simple.

The floor of this café cum bar is vital in its appeal. It is a sleek black. Black is not only classy, but it also seems to reflect the green and yellow lights well. This makes the room seem brighter, and more spacious in a way. Overall, this design is very attractive. It utilizes a color I have never seen used before, and pulls it off brilliantly. The feeling that the green is simply radiating out of everywhere pulls at my attention.

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