Commercial Interior Designs — April 16, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Interior Design of a Café-cum-Bar


The precision and hard work required in creating designs for things like restaurants, bars, café’s and lounges impress me deeply. You have got to be extremely careful in everything you do, because your design will reflect how much revenue and success the place receives. In fact, bar designing is easily the best outlet for creativity. If you do it right, you may create art, and not just interior design.

I believe that this café cum bar is truly something, mainly because of its ambience and style. It is themed blue, though you may barely see it. The bar counter is long, thin and curved, and its surface is a classy black. In fact, majority of the bar area is black. From below the bar counter we see blue lights, splashing an electric blue color onto the black wall and floor. The entire bar counter seems to glow with neon blue lights from underneath. This effect looks very pretty, and bright.

The bar-chairs have high seats, and are framed in black. The black painted wood is contrasted with the white seat cushions. Since white and black is a common theme for many types of design, I have no complaints regarding the simplicity of the chair design. The bar area is lit by hanging silver lights, that glow beautifully. The floor underneath it is very simple- stone grey rectangular tiles.

The window to the side of the bar reveals a lit up view which contrasts the blue shades within with the yellow and orange outside. A large window is always a pleasing thing in any area.

Most of this area is lit by small lights attached to the ceiling, and it is this system of lighting that makes the ambience of this place so beautiful and excellent. The ceiling is dark colored for a reason, so that the blue and yellow lights glowing from it look like stars. In fact, they also give the area a disco-like appearance, which only increases how appealing it looks.

Overall, this café cum bar is quite divine. I am very impressed with the simple use of lighting, and the useful theme of light blue and dark blue lights. The place is spacious, and the furniture is not in any way complicated. It looks unique enough to attract many customers.

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