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Interior Design of A Compact Bathroom

Compact Bathroom

Compact Bathroom

Anywhere you go, the most important thing in a bathroom is its cleanliness. Easy to clean would be the main objective.

The floor is a dark chocolate brown, enhancing the lighter colors in use around the room. The commode is white, the most common color in a bathroom. The basin, very close to the commode, is also white. The ceiling too. I feel white, regardless of how often it is used, brings a sense and aura of peace and tranquility, and organization. The placement of almost everything in this bathroom is organzied, except the fact that it is relatively cramped.

The wash basin is supported by a single pillar of white ceramic, and the basin itself is rectangular. The sides of the basin have space to put soap boxes and more. The tap is stylishly designed. Exactly above the basin is a platform counter, brining in more space to the room. The platform has towels, a tissue box, and plenty of creams and soaps. This counter is a good addition to the room, seeing as it is relatively low on space. Putting an easily reachable area to put things on is smart.

A part of the wall in this room is different from the rest of it. It resembles wood, though it is simply painted in patterns of cream and light purple lines. This feature is easily the most eye catching feature of the room. Away from the basin, set low and easy to reach, is a rod to hang towels.

On the other side of the commode, we have the shower area. The shower area is separated from the rest of the room by a glass barrier. Glass in a bathroom is quite common, especially in modern bathrooms. The silverware in the shower area – the shower, and the handles, are well designed- modern and stylish.

Beauty and attractiveness of a room does not make majority of its appeal. I feel that in style, cleanliness, and ease of maintenance, this room is brilliant even though it may seem too cramped for some.

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