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Interior Design of a Cozy Kitchen

Cozy Kitchen

Cozy Kitchen

Cozy kitchens are the ultimate in the wish lists of plenty of people. A kitchen needs to be spacious, airy and full of light in order to ensure good cooking and enjoyable meals. Normally, people don’t pay attention to the décor of a kitchen as they are not exactly the part of the house that people want to see. However, more and more folks are coming to the decision that a beautifully designed kitchen is essential if one wants to have a beautiful home. Interior decorators and architects have capitalized on this and have begun creating lovely spaces in which to cook.

There are various trends in kitchen decoration. Minimalism is a popular trend, with many people creating spaces that have a lot of light colors and sleek furniture.

This kitchen is the exact opposite. It is the most charming kitchen, and is full of color and texture and design and pattern. It is a wonderful place to cook in. The kitchen has been decorated by interior designer Montse Esteva in Barcelona, Spain.

The kitchen is full of lovely features that stand out. The high ceiling is interesting. It is made of baked bricks placed in a pattern that is held together by large bars. The walls are whitewashed and match the cupboard doors. The cupboard doors add an interesting visual texture to the room.

An amazing feature of the space is the floor. Have you ever seen such gorgeous tiles? The baked tiles are placed in mosaic formation and are beautifully designed. They give the room a very Spanish-villa vibe.

This is a very large and spacious kitchen. It even has a small eating area with flashy dining chairs in hot pink. The decorator has managed to excellently weld the past and the present together in an eclectic, creative way. The result is a place anyone will enjoy cooking and eating in.

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