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Interior Design of A Family Kitchen

Cook and Serve

Cook and Serve

Simple kitchens are easy to maintain and pleasant to cook in. Most people look for cleanliness, freshness and good lighting in kitchens so that cooking can be done well. A kitchen needs a good amount of space and lots of counter tops for cutting, cleaning, peeling and other jobs related to food.

This kitchen is one that is a good example of how a kitchen should normally be. The room is large, and there is a lot of freshness and breeziness that is brought in. The room isn’t cluttered with unnecessary decoration and the color palette is simple and elegant.

The colors used are primarily white, gray and blue. Small hints of green are seen in the plants and pots placed around the room. The counter tops and the island in the middle have a lot of marble in white. Marble adds a polished effect to the room.

The main center of attraction in the room is the arch above the stove and chimney. The tiles are a lovely shade of blue that adds youth and freshness to the room in general. It is also nice that there is a lot of space for the stove.

Storage space is plentiful in this kitchen. There are drawers and cupboards situated all over the place, and will come in handy for storing utensils, vessels and other necessities. There are glass door-ed cupboards attached to the wall that look polished and stylish, without being too glamorous.

The sink for washing is well situated below a nice window. The window provides natural sunlight which is essential for keeping bacteria and fungus away, as these are commonly found in damp places.

There is a small seating area for breakfasts and other small meals. The chairs are high and simple.

All in all, this is the perfect kitchen for cooking a good meal, and is sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

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