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Interior Design of a Home Theater

Home Theater

Home Theater

I have seen many home theater rooms, and I’ve been in quite a few. One thing I never liked about them was that they were too formal. The chairs might have been easy chairs, but they always looked uncomfortable from afar. That’s the main reason I like this design- the absence of chairs. This absence brings an easy going informality to the room, a type of aura that is needed almost everywhere, I feel. With this informality comes a homely aspect to the room, which only increases its appeal in my eyes.

The room is soundproofed of course, ensuring perfect sound quality when the home theater is used. The ceiling is a clean white color, which looks classy even though it is so simple. There are lights attached to the ceiling, making sure the lighting system of this room is subtle. I doubt lights will be used much in a home theater room, but then again, everything matters when designing.

Beautiful rich red curtains hang from one side, with glowing lights as well. The lights look wonderful next to the curtains, making it seem like the curtain itself is emanating radiating waves of light. The curtains draw our eyes to an important color used throughout the room- red. It is used in maroon shades like in the curtain, and crimson shades with the blankets and large pillows.

The pillows on the floor are the part of this room’s design that attracted me so much. The soft, comfortable looking cushions will be amazing to collapse into. Imagine sitting back, curled up in those soft cushions, wrapped up in a blanket, watching a movie on your home theater system. Crazy, right?

There is a very noticeable lampshade sitting on the ground, which adds to the rooms’ attractiveness. It looks like a jellyfish, to put it bluntly, but in a good way. It’s translucency makes it glow when it is lit.

This entire room is excellently designed. It looks full of comfort, leisurely, happy, and the ambience is very calm and pleasant.

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