Kitchen Interior Designs — June 7, 2011 at 1:00 am

Interior design of a kitchen – country style


Kitchens are very important places in a house. A kitchen is very necessary because food is prepared here, meals are sometimes eaten here, and it acts as the lifeblood of the house.

A kitchen needs to be sizable, but it isn’t usually too big because not much apart from cooking and cleaning is done here. A large kitchen is a luxury to most, and only those who are very passionate about the culinary arts pay much attention to having a lovely kitchen.

This kitchen is a very large space. The owners and decorators of this space have obviously paid a lot of attention the color and style of the room. It is very Mediterranean in style and has a lot of wood paneling that is well polished and stylish. This kitchen is a very open air kitchen, with breeze coming in from all sides.

The main colors used in this kitchen are blues, browns and yellows. These are very warm shades that are bright and friendly. The European influences are seen in the use of aquamarine blue. There is a lovely island in the middle of the kitchen. Stools are placed for seating, rather than chairs. This is a different touch, and gives the place a laid back, relaxed feel.

There is a lot of space for storage in this kitchen. This is important for kitchens because they need space for keeping utensils, storing spoons and forks. There is a counter for the stove and the sink, and these are the most important parts of the kitchen.

The kitchen is well lit. There are pretty hanging lights from the ceiling that make the place look bright and romantic.

The great thing about this kitchen is that it is easy to keep clean and neat. The colors of the room give it a sort of energy and vivaciousness that is hard to achieve in most kitchens.

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