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Interior Design Of A Living Room + Study

Living Room + Study

Living Room + Study

This living room is an explosion of prints and patterns and warmth. It is cozy and welcoming, without hiding behind the disappointing mask of pretentiousness and minimalism. It is a happy house that is filled with bright colors and the personality of the owner. It is full of an eclectic mix of objects that come together brilliantly to produce an aesthetically fluid room of goodness.

The room functions as both a living space and a study space. The sofas and armchairs are in the same room as an artfully distressed study. The study is placed against a wall that is comprised entirely of space for books, files and other objects.

The room, while full of black and brown and yellow, is rounded off by a gratuitous use of white. The white adds a lot of brightness and light to the area. White always acts as a light reflecting agent. It also maximizes space.

Yellow is also used generously. Yellow is a color that’s associated with happiness and sunlight. Yellow is also usually regarded as a feminine color. There is a sunny feeling that’s been given to the room thanks to the yellow tones.

Adding interest and dimension to the room is the pattern on the chairs. The black and white stripes are bold and powerful. The stripes are also highlighted by the clash of print on the rug below. The rug has a faux-Grecian feel with its border pattern.

This room isn’t very big, and it probably belongs to an apartment or loft. It is also full of objects, which goes against the current trend of minimalism. There is a slightly ‘cluttered’ effect that is a positive aspect instead of negative, as clutter usually tends to be. The overwhelming number of objects only makes the room look warmer and more welcoming, and gives the place a homely feel. After all, not everyone wants to live in an imitation-hotel room.

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