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Interior Design Of A Restaurant

Restaurant Underwater

Restaurant Underwater

Watching the ocean waves move to and fro while sitting on the sandy beach already pleases me immensely, so you can imagine my reaction when I see how it would look sitting in the very middle of the ocean.

Fish, crustaceans, plants, all look brilliant underwater. I’m sure you’ve seen it on the Discovery Channel or almost any magazine. Underwater pictures are all the rage in photography. This underwater restaurant utilizes the one thing many can’t- its surroundings, in this case, the very ocean, filled with fish and other marine organisms. How ironic it would be though, if you’re sitting eating sea food when fish are watching you intently with their beady eyes.

The floor of this room is a richly colored wood. The contrast of brown and the light blue of the water strikes me as well thought of. The ceiling is of course, made of transparent glass, and is reinforced by bands of steel. The curving glass exhibits and reveals all the fish, and of course, reveals us to the fish too.

The furniture of this restaurant is relatively simple. The tables are extremely simple. The reddish brown color of the wood makes it look all the more natural, and the tables are laid out without any complication- just glasses, cutlery, plates, and napkins. Each table also has a light fixed to it.  The chairs are simple and dark brown in color. The light is probably important only during the night, when the sea is dark, without sunlight piercing through it.

The ambiance of this room is taken care of by its surroundings. I would fall into a long dream if I sat in this restaurant. Eating would be difficult for me, seeing as my mind would be occupied by everything around me.

This restaurant is unique, spacious, has a wonderful ambiance, and the furniture is simple and well designed.

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