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Interior Design Of A Studio Apartment


If you are a student or a single male or female looking for a small, yet livable space that is sophisticated and mature, it is good to look into a studio apartment. Studio apartments are usually inexpensive and easy to decorate. This space is small and compact, but excellently decorated using few colors and square, sharp furniture that create a lovely, warm space.

This space is very small. It is made up of a kitchen counter, a space for a bed and a living space. There are no doors and walls that divide the house, so it is more of a room than an actual apartment. The place has thus been cleverly divided into a neat space.

The color palette of the room is simple. The color palette is composed of red, black, brown and a lot of white. The white is used on the walls, the shelf that acts as a room divider, and small table. The ceiling lampshade is white and basic. The bed is white as well, but is covered in bed covers that bring a lot of visual interest thanks to texture and pattern.

The living space has a two seat sofa that is black and red. The rug on the floor is a deep red that matches the sofa. The sofa seat on the side is cream and red. There is space in the living room for a small television set.

The room is well lit and this is of course very necessary. In a small space, light is needed so as to avoid the space from becoming musty and damp. Darkness and mustiness are extremely bad for small spaces. It is better for rooms of this size to remain full of light and air so that they are easy to maintain.

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